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Art for a change

Emergency Benefit art sale for ZUMU - the Museum on the move

welcome to ZUMU's annual art sale that will help us continue our journey⏺ This year we need your support more than ever⏺ 50% of your  donation will go to the artists - the rest will help us continue our Journey  ⏺ All sales are tax deductible your support will enable us to keep spreading art and light - from north to south

  Small - Artworks up to 1,000$
​ Let's start Your collection

Medium - Artworks up to 5,000$
Right in Middle - We love your style

Large - Artworks up to 10,000$
You think big - We like that

XL - Artworks for 10,000$ and above
You are a true Art Patron 

our top pick - you got to have it