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Brothers Of Light /// Butcherwood Pitcher

Brothers Of Light /// Butcherwood Pitcher






Acrylic on wood


Brothers of Light are a multi-disciplinary artist duo that began their joint journey in 2015. In their work, they express an innovative approach to pop-art, influenced by urban culture, ancient world cultures and symbols and their shared experiences from their childhood to their travels around the world. The siblings, Elna and Gab, showcase their creativity both indoors and outdoors using a wide variety of mediums such as murals, silkscreen prints, sculptures and paintings on canvases and reused wood and metals Over time they developed a shared visual language that includes naïve motifs, dreamy figures and vibrant colors. Ultimately, their goal is to spread light and positivity through their work and make a positive impact on the world. According to the brothers, their name "Brothers of Light" was inspired by their mother's desire for them to join forces and do something good. After her passing, they began working together and decided to use this name for their first exhibition, as a tribute to her. They have participated in numerous international urban art festivals in countries such as Israel, Mexico, France, Germany, Portugal, and the USA. In 2022 they debuted their latest solo exhibition, “From Dirt” in Jaffa (Israel) where they revealed a three year project, painting over one hundred metals they salvaged from a garbage site near their studio.

The Fine Print

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Return policy

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